You want to contact me?

It is hard to filter through all the email noise but please check out my social links at the bottom of the pages, you can check my professional profile at LinkedIn here: Curt Meyers Also my personal website:

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ABC Premier tonight

My site is up and has some information. I will continue to work on it when I can. Please support the show on ABC so we can do this again.

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Not Easy…. This thing is

I have put in 8 hours and it still isn’t finished. The creation and curating is taking a lot of time. I am looking for the best way to throw lots of photos up on my site and make everything

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Out with the old!

It has been a long time since I worked on my website. So out with the very old, straight up hand written HTML. Then there is the most recent iteration written by my wife in Rails. Now I am taking

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